Developing Psychic Abilities

Developing psychic abilities can be fun and easy to learn. Here we go beyond the mysterious and find out what skills you may already have and how to use them.

You may already know that you have certain psychic skills and talents, or you may not yet have awakened your psychic self. Either way we’ll explore various psychic and intuitive talents and abilities that can aid and assist you in developing your skills and applying them in your every day life.

Natural Psychics

So what makes me so qualified to write about this subject? My psychic abilities are that I am a natural empath. I can naturally feel the thoughts, feelings and emotions of other people, groups and places.

Now this may sound like a great ability to have, but growing up as a child it was a real pain. I was often told by my parents and relatives to, “stop being so sensitive” or that I was “overly emotional”. I’ve since come to find out that this is a common trait among people with empathic abilities.

In school I found that I didn't have to study much. If I just paid attention in class I would somehow get good grades. At the time I didn't realize that I was psychically picking up lessons from the instructors.

It wasn't until much later that I realized what I used to do when writing reports in high school. I would sit quietly in the library and wait for the report to come out of me. Essentially, I was psychically picking up on the knowledge within the library. Wow, if I had just known how to use that one in college!

Into my adulthood I began to learn that developing psychic abilities could really be useful. I learned to develop my natural skills and how to add to them. Although psychic visions didn’t come naturally to me, I’ve been able to develop clairvoyant abilities to allow me to gain greater depths and understandings of problems that I’ve faced.

I also found that by applying clairsentience to work projects I could get a lot more done in shorter periods of time. I was even able to learn new programs and technologies with very little effort.

But the best part is that by developing these skills my intuition has become enhanced so that I often know what is the "right" thing for me to do. That's not to say that everything works out, but even when it doesn't work out I usually have some very interesting and useful learning experiences along the way.

And that's what I hope to share with you here on this site. More than just giving you a list of psychic skills, I hope to be able to share how to use and apply what you have and develop additional skills that you can apply in your life.

Using Your Natural Psychic Abilities

This site goes beyond the mystical aspects of "psy". Here we’ll discuss the metaphysical principles but also the pragmatic use of developing your intuition and abilities. You’ll learn about what are Chakras, and then learn how to apply that knowledge and when to do so.

We’ll also learn about Spirit Guides, Transitioned Family Members, Your Higher Self, and many other spiritual sources that can aid and assist you in having a fulfilling life.

All of these Beings are there just waiting to help you in your choices, decisions and even in your relationships if you’re willing to learn how to communicate with them.

The secret to awakening your psychic abilities is using the skills in working towards things that are important to you in your life. When you have just the right tool, at just the right time, you will find that building your life becomes easier and lots more fun.

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